From Dreams to Reality: The (Levco Pools) Construction Process 

Do you dream of relaxing by your backyard pool on a hot summer day ? If you do your are in the right place ! “Pool construction” may seem like a monumental project to undertake…but if you select the right contractor it doesn’t have to be.  

Initial Planning and Design Considerations:

First things first: initial planning. You’ll need to decide which type of swimming pool would best suit your space, lifestyle, and budget. Two popular types of in-ground pools are vinyl-lined and concrete pools. Both have their pros and cons, but at Levco Pools, we can assure you that both types come with excellent quality and durability.

Once you have selected the type of pools that fits best, the fun part begins! It’s time for design considerations. Pick your pool’s shape, depth, entry type, and location. Don’t miss adding unique features like an integrated spa, or a pool deck to stamp your personal style!

Levco Pools, was established in 1986, we have received numerous awards for service quality, we will be with you every step of the way helping you design your backyard oasis.

Budgeting and Materials

A critical step in pool construction is being 100% honest with your budget. The more realistic you are the smother the whole decision making process will be.

Selecting the appropriate materials can have a significant impact both the budget and the looks of your pool. Discuss your options with your builder –concrete, or vinyl? Understand how they affect the longevity and maintenance of your pool. Prepare a balance between aesthetics, maintenance obligations, and potential future repair costs.

Construction Phase

Once the plan is complete and permits have been issued it’s time to start the construction phase. Here’s where the dreams start taking shape! Excavation is the first step, where heavy machinery digs the desired pool areas. Following this is the framing or formwork, where the pool’s shape begins to form. 

Next comes the complex plumbing work, crucial for maintaining clear and healthy pool water. Finally, finish it with a striking layer of plaster, tiles, and coping  Voila! You’re a step closer to your dream pool!

Here is a pro-tip: always lean on a seasoned company like Levco who not only handles all the aspects of pool construction, they also have a large service department that can provide opening, closing and weekly services and just about anything else you might need for your pool/backyard.

Finishing Off and Landscape Fencing

Last but not least, the pool’s finishing touches. Let your personal style reflect on each aspect of your backyard. . 

Don’t forget, in order to create your backyard oasis you will need to invest in landscape planning. At Levco, we will masterfully integrate your vision and our experience, to create the backyard of your dreams.


From initial planning to sipping a Pina Colada by your dream pool, construction of any kind can be stressful, However, trusting quality companies like Levco Pools can alleviate stressful moments. 

So, put on your bathing suit, dream boldly, plan wisely, and let the pool construction journey begin!

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