Swimming Pool Repairs in NJ Inground
Levco Pools services all of your swimming pool equipment in a prompt and efficient manner. Our experienced pool technicians provide a quick and accurate diagnosis to ensure your swimming pool repairs are done to your satisfaction.

Some of the In-ground Pool Repair Services That We Provide Include:

pool (10)





Salt Chlorine Generators

pool (14)

Automatic Cleaners

Levco Pools - pool maintenenance


pool (8)

Leak Detection

pool (16)



Plumbing Repairs

In addition, we offer Pool School for first-time pool owners and Pool Inspections.

What do our clients say

“Really happy with Levco Pools. We needed a new safety pool cover installed and called a few places to estimates. The price Levco gave was around the same as other places but I gave them my business because of their customer service…

- Diana A., Montgomery

“I’ve been using Levco for opening and closing my pool as well as occasional maintenance for the last few years and have consistently gotten stellar service. I have to think they are pretty good employers too, because its always the same guys who…
- Patricia O., Readington

“We had a new pool installed by Levco this year. Overall we were very happy with our product and experience and would recommend Levco to anyone looking to get a pool. Their prices were fair and they didn’t try to upcharge you for every little thing…
- Tracy A., Hillsborough

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