Welcoming the Pool Season: A Comprehensive Guide to Opening Your Pool 

As we bid the winter a farewell and look forward to sun-soaked days of summer, it reminds us that we need to start thinking about opening our inground pool. The following is a comprehensive guide covering all the details about getting your pool ready for the exciting season ahead – ‘Welcoming the Pool Season: A Guide to Opening Your Pool’

Removing the Pool Cover

After a long winter hiatus, removing and cleaning the pool cover is your first step. Make sure to dry your cover thoroughly before storage to prevent any mold or mildew spreading.

Clean Your Pool Thoroughly

Trying to ensure a sparkling clean pool may seem like an overwhelming task, but rest assured it is a process that if you stay disciplined it can be easier than you think. The crucial areas to focus on are the pool’s walls, floors and let’s not forget to skim the surface as well.

Balance in Everything: The Science of Pool Chemicals

Much like life, your pool needs to be balanced. A well-balanced pool is not just better for your skin and eyes, but it also keeps your pool equipment in proper form. The pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels – all play a vital role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable swim.

Equipment Inspection: Pump and Filters

A thorough inspection of your pool pump and filters is essential to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Remember, the key to spending less on pool maintenance is regular inspection, catching and dealing with problems when they’re small, rather than waiting and then be faced by larger more expensive solutions.

Saving Lives: Safety Check

Your pool is a place for fun, laughter and relaxation –So doing a regular safety check is crucial. Be sure to check for loose railings, coping tiles etc, as well as uneven patio around the pool.

Summer brings smiles and laughter, at the heart of that is your sparkling, inviting inground pool. 

Making it so does not have to be laborious.  In fact, with a little organization, timely preparations and following our simple detailed guide above, you’ll be welcoming your guests to your back yard oasis in no time.

Levco Pools have proven since 1986, that they can build and maintain your back yard oasis. So if you need any and everything to do with an inground pool Levco Pools is a trusted source that you can rely on in centra NJ.

The act of preparing your pool for the summer doesn’t have to be tiring. So here’s to making memories filled with sunshine, laughter, cool waters….So, start your pool-preparations, and let us welcome the summer with a big splash!

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