The Process of Pool Building: From Design to Completion

When we think of a pool, we think about splashes, laughter, diving, floating, and endless summer fun. It’s about creating memories with family, and friends while performing backflips, holding breath-holding contests, or merely lazing around on an idle afternoon. Consider then, the joy of owning a pool in your own backyard. 

At Levco Pools, we craft this dream into a reality as you accompany us walking through the process of pool building, from design to completion.

Initial Considerations and Choosing the Pool Design

Before you dive into pool construction, some groundwork must be attended like considering the available space, the condition of the soil, and the layout of your backyard; after which, you dive into the fun part – choosing the design of your pool.

There’s a spectrum of pool. Ask yourself questions like “Do you want a shallow play pool or a deep-end one?” or, “Is my pool primarily for exercise or entertainment?” or “Do I need addons like a spa unit or a pool deck?”. 

Thinking along these lines will guide you into selecting a design that’s fit not just for the entire-style of your house, but also compliments your personality and needs.

Check & Obtain Necessary Permits

Constructing a pool involves a lot of legislative regulations that vary based on geography and local regulations. From obtaining zoning permits to structuring rules consistent with the local planning authority, there’s a landscape of legal requirements. Rest easy, Levco Pools will manage the entire permit and engineering process.

Groundbreaking & Excavation

Often initiated by heavy machinery, the excavation process signals the beginning of your pool-building mission. It’s preferable to keep children and pets away during this procedure for safety.

Pool Framing & Concreting (Concrete Pools)

After a deep hole matching your pool’s blueprint is created, Steel framing (rebar) comes next – this serves as a skeletal system for your pool. Using robust steel frames and cages, the shape of your pool starts materializing at this stage.

Concrete pours into the mold, your dream pool finally begins to resemble a real pool after curing. 

Application of Finishes

A flurry of fun choices waits you at the stage of applying finishes to your pool. This phase can transform your pool into a stylish getaway or a Mediterranean lagoon. 

You have a plethora of finish choices such as beautiful pebble finishes.  

You also get an aesthetic edge not just on the pool’s inner surface but also on the coping edge — the part where the pool connects up with the surrounding deck. 

Pool Cleaning & Priming

Before filling the pool with water, thorough cleaning with acid or pressure wash is essential. It flushes out residual dust, lays bare minute leaks or finishing flaws, if any. 

Final Filling, Inspection & Pool Balancing 

Modern automatic systems help fill the pool up to the recommended water level. Before initiating a cannonball contest, a mandatory inspection should be conducted. Are the pumps, heaters, and filters performing optimally?

The process concludes with balancing the pool water with appropriate chemicals to kill bacteria and other harmful agents to ensure a healthy water environment.

A professional test on your concluding day ensures that your new pool is safe, chlorinated, and pH balanced.

Congratulations if you’ve reached this far – No its time to think of cloudless, sunny days with a drink in hand and your feet touching the cool pool water.

Levco Pools: Making Dreams Into Reality since 1986

As one of the most well regarded providers of pool solutions since 1986 is Levco Pools. 

Levco has a long history of transforming backyard dreams into reality using industry-leading practices and uncompromising quality standards.

Levco Pools tailors this process around your unique needs, making sure that you watch your dream pool unfold, while maintaining a professional, friendly, and award-winning experience second to none.

If you’d like more information about designing and building your perfect pool and surrounding area, please contact Levco Pools today. Together, let’s bring your backyard dreams to reality !!!!

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