The Ultimate Guide to Pool Cleaning Services

Basking in your backyard pool on a sultry summer day, feeling the sun-kissed water tease your skin, is a luxury few can resist. But when things with your pool go awry it’s time to roll up your sleeves – or perhaps better – call in the specialists. 

While having a pool is delightful, maintaining it can be a challenge. The following is a guide on pool cleaning services because a clearer understanding leads to more informed decisions and an ultimately cleaner pool. 

Why is Regular Pool Cleaning Important?

If a pool resembles a country pond rather than a sparkly oasis, it may not only interrupt your summer fun but could also jeopardize the pool user’s health. Standing water can become a breeding ground for bacteria and algae, resulting in infections, unpleasant odors, slippery pool surfaces, and even equipment damage. 

Moreover, pools gather dirt, debris, and leaves, rendering them unsightly and less safe for use.

Regular cleaning ensures hygienic conditions, aesthetics, and longevity. A neglected pool not only poses health risks and looks unappealing but also will necessitate spending a considerable amount of money for repairs and corrective treatments.

How Regularly Should Your Pool be Cleaned?

Different aspects of your pool require different cleaning schedules. Any debris on the pool’s surface should ideally be cleared daily, especially in fall or during windy days.

The pool filter should be cleaned at least every six months, while the pool floor should be vacuumed weekly. 

Regular checks for appropriate pH levels (7.2-7.6 ideal) and chlorine levels are paramount for a healthy and safe swimming environment. 

Pool Cleaning Techniques

1. Skimming and Brushing: Skim off leaves, debris, and other floating dirt daily using a long-handled net also a brush to avoid buildup on the pool’s walls and floor.

2. Vacuuming: A pool vacuum once a week helps remove debris that sinks to the pool floor, keeping it clean and clear.

3. Filter Cleaning: The filter catches the dirt gathered by the vacuum and skimmer. Clean this regularly to ensure efficient operation.

4. Testing: Regularly testing your pool water for pH, chlorine & calcium hardness helps to keep it clean and safe.

5. Shocking: This process helps to destroy bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms that find comfort in water.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Pool Cleaning Services

Taking care of your pool can be time-consuming and complex; therefore, entrusting this strenuous job to the professionals is key.

Professionals save you time, help detect & preemptively address potential problems. They have the proper equipment, access to commercial cleaning products, and the necessary experience to maintain your pool longer offering peace of mind that a manual weekly scrub can’t.

Why Choose Levco Pools?

Established in 1986, Levco Pools has been delivering impeccable pool services ranging from pool instillations, renovations to maintenance and repairs. 

When it comes to cleaning, servicing, and maintenance of your beloved oasis, we provide superior work, recognized by numerous awards and online reviews .

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your pool may sound like a challenging task, but with consistent effort, or by employing a professional touch, you can ensure your pool maintains its sparkle throughout the pool season. 

Rest easy knowing your pool is in prime condition, free of bacteria, debris, with balanced chemicals.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Levco Pools for more information or assistance relating to your pool.

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