Pool Fencing: Safety and Style Combined

In the world of backyard escapes, adding an inground pool often becomes the epitome of relaxation and luxury.

However, with all the splashes of fun and refreshment, pool safety should never be understated. Among different means of ensuring safety, arguably the most crucial is pool fencing.

In this article, we shall delve into the importance of pool fencing, helping you maintain both legal compliance and safety. We will also shed light on how a well-chosen pool fence can uplift your pool’s aesthetics. 

So, whether you’re a proud pool owner or planning to install one, this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision on pool fencing.

Importance of Pool Fencing

Contrary to a popular belief, pool fencing is more than just an optional, decorative part of your backyard landscape. It is an essential safety measure, especially for households with children and pets.

Having a fence around your pool not only reduces these unfortunate mishaps but also ensures that your pool meets local regulations. Nearly all U.S. states require residential pools to have a fence for safety reasons. 

Levco Pools, a trusted name in pool installation and maintenance since 1986, in addition Levco Pools installs pool complaint fencing . 

We believe that “making your backyard dreams a reality” should always factor in the need for safety… a pool complaint fence is a great asset to achieve this objective 

Pool Fencing: Safety and Style Combined

Choosing the Right Pool Fencing

When choosing the right pool fencing, you’ll need to mull over the following factors:

1. Material

There is a myriad of materials available when it comes to pool fences, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc. Depending on your backyard style, budget range, and maintenance tolerance, each material has its perk and quirks.

2. Height

Many states require a minimum height for pool fences, often around four to five feet. Think about who’ll be accessing the pool and adjust the height accordingly.

3. Safety features

Look for features such as self-latching and self-closing gates. A clear view from your house to the pool can be another safety element to consider.

4. Aesthetics

Undoubtedly, pool fencing contributes significantly to your yard’s overall aesthetics. Choose a fence style that meets the safety standards and complements your home’s exterior and yard scape.

Pool Fencing: Safety and Style Combined

At Levco Pools we use aluminum fencing for the great majority of our projects.

Aluminum combines strength and elegance, ensuring reliable protection with low upkeep. However, they may lack some privacy. Unless you cover them with some fabric or plastic, which we strongly, and respectfully, advise against.

A Note on Pool Fence Installation

Proper installation makes the difference between a sufficient fence and a failsafe one. Pool fence installation must adhere to local codes and place safety over anything.

Moreover, annual checks and prompt maintenance will keep your pool fence in good shape. Remember, on top of every other aspect, the durability of a pool fence is test-built on professional installation and maintenance.

At Levco Pools, we assure every backyard dream we craft lives up to the industry’s highest safety and quality standards. 


Safety, legal compliance, and aesthetics are the trifecta of factors that underline the importance of pool fencing. 

A blend of the right materials, optimal height, safety facilities, and aesthetic preference is essential to ensure your pool fence matches your pool itself in making your backyard a dream turned real.

By adhering to proper installation and maintenance, this dream will keep radiating beauty and safety.

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