Closing Your Pool for Winter: A Comprehensive Guide

When the vibrant autumn leaves begin to fall, it’s a sign for pool owners – from seasoned swimmers to casual floaters – to switch to winter mode. 

But as much as there’s joy in having the pool in your backyard, there’s a significant responsibility in keeping it healthy too.

This blog post aims to provide a step-by-step guide on closing a pool to ensure a seamless reopening in the spring. Read on to discover the A-Z of pool closure and the ancillary benefits of being a Levco Pool blog reader – from draining, cleaning, winterizing, and covering to the ongoing maintenance you require.

Embracing Winter: Tips for Preparing Your Pool

1. Pump Your Brakes… or Your Pool

Usually, in summer, your pool loses an inch or two of water every day due to evaporation. Nonetheless, as summer turns to autumn chill, evaporation rates decline, leaving pool owners wrestling with excessive water.

If you have a concrete pool, before you clear your pool out of debris, it is advisable to lower its water level to about four to six inches below the pool’s skimmer. 

This can be done using your pool’s draining system. If you own a vinyl-lined pool, an expert recommendation would be to lower your water bellow the disappearing edges of your pool skimmers, but over the mouth of your lower returns.

2. Clean is Keen

Debris like leaves, dirt, bugs (unfortunately) invade your pool all year round. Ensuring an in-depth cleaning at the season’s end is critical. Brush and vacuum the sides for apparent contaminants and use a high-quality pool net for particles floating in your pool surface.

Employ a good chemically-augmented cleaner on the pool’s waterline to do away with the scum lines once you’ve brushed and vacuumed. 

3. Run the Chemistry Lab

With the cleaning phase completed, its time to diagnostically test the chemical levels in your pool. Aim for the values mentioned below- pH: 7.4 to 7.6, Total Alkalinity: 100 ppm and 150 ppm, Calcium Hardness: 175 ppm and 250 ppm.

A critical precaution to be taken involves the addition of winterizing chemicals. Add these all-in-one compounds to keep your pool water in ideal conditions throughout winter. 

Their application prevents algae growth and safeguards the water’s health during winter reality.

4. Healthy and clean

Once your pool’s healthy and clean, it’s time to remove the equipment – ladders, diving boards, skimmer baskets, and other removable accessories are to be securely stored. 

Additionally, winterize your filtration system to prevent pipes from freezing and splitting. Lastly, employ a pool cover, it saves costs, and will help  ensure that you pool opens up in better condition in the spring

5. Maintenance Actions

Weekly check-ups are the way to go as your pool settles down for winter. Regularly monitor for tears and leaks; clean debris off the cover. 

Prepare your pool (and yourself) for a successful reopening with scheduled checks and vigilance.

Trust Levco Pools to close up for the season! With our vast experience, you can indeed bid year-end stress goodbye and welcome winter alongside spring!

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