Pool Plastering 101: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to pool maintenance, one of the essential tasks you might have to consider at interval times is plastering. Pool plastering is central to a pool’s ongoing elegance and stability, guaranteeing years of blissful dips during those warm summer days. 

This comprehensive guide will help you understand the process of pool plastering, a skilled craft that adds aesthetic and durability to your backyard oasis.

Step 1: Preparing Your Pool’s Surface

Before you can begin applying plaster, your pool must be adequately prepared. This step involves draining any water, and power washing the surface to remove any residue, dust or grime. If there are any cracks or damages to the surface, these need to be repaired before you begin plastering.

At Levco Pools, we believe that preparation is key. Our pool technologists thoroughly assess your pool to ensure the surface is ready for plastering, hence preventing any future problems and extra expenses.

Levco Pools - pool renovation, ready for plastering
Pool being renovated, ready for plastering

Step 2: Choosing the Right Plaster Mix

With a clean surface, the next step is to choose the right mix of pool plaster. The common mixture includes white cement, limestone or marble sand, water and sometimes, bonding agents. This white plaster is the most economical and has been providing a smooth, waterproof pool surface for years.

Today, other options like quartz or pebble finishes are also making their way into the market. These materials are durable and add a splash of color to the pool’s surface, enhancing the overall appeal of your pool. 

Step 3: Mixing the Plaster

Quality pool plastering begins with a proper mix. The plaster should be mixed to a consistency similar to that of a thick cake mix. Too dry, and it will be hard to apply and won’t adhere to the surface correctly. Too wet, and your plaster could crack or shrink as it dries.

This might seem simple, yet achieving the right consistency requires a professional touch. At Levco Pools, our experts know the perfect ratio for a flawless plaster.

Step 4: Applying the Plaster

The plaster is then applied to the pool’s surface using a flat, steel trowel. This process begins at the deepest part of the pool and works towards the shallow end. The plaster needs to be spread evenly over the surface and compacted properly to ensure a smooth and attractive finish. 

Plastering a pool with River Rok
Levco Pools crew applying the plaster

Step 6: Finishing Up

Once the plaster has been applied, it must be finished. This includes filling any missed areas, removing any unwanted bumps, and smoothing the entire surface to perfection. It’s this meticulous detail to the entire process that sets Levco Pool service apart.

Levco Pools Finishing Up A River Rok Plaster Project
Levco Pools Finishing Up A River Rok Plaster Project

Step 7: Curing the Plaster

The last step in the plastering process is curing. This involves filling the pool with water to help the plaster cure properly. This usually takes about three weeks, after which your pool is ready for use.

Bringing Your Pool Dream to Reality

Pool plastering might seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be when you know the steps involved and what exactly goes into each phase. Hiring an experienced pool company makes the whole process seamless and worry-free. It ensures that your pool remains a source of rest, recreation, and joy for many years to come.

In conclusion, pool plastering is a vital investment in maintaining the longevity and beauty of your swimming pool. It’s a craft that needs experience, skill, and an aptitude for details.

Concrete Pool Re-plastered with White Plaster and new Coping, Tile & Decking
Concrete Pool Re-plastered with White Plaster and new Coping, Tile & Decking

At Levco Pools, we have been making backyard dreams a reality since 1986. Our skilled team has carried out countless pool plastering tasks making them routinely uncomplicated. From preparing the pool’s surface to curing the plaster, we aim for perfection in every process we undertake.

With this understanding of the plastering process, you are well-positioned to get a professional finish that will make every swim worthwhile in your pool. Always remember, professional help in such endeavors is never far away from Levco Pools.

Whether you are new to pool ownership or an experienced aficionado, pool plastering is one are you’ll have to embrace in order to keep your pool in peak condition. Let Levco Pools guide you on this journey as we prove true to our motto: making your backyard dreams a reality.

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