Fixing Inground Pool Issues: A Troubleshooting Guide  

If you own an inground pool, dealing with pool issues is likely a common occurrence. While these repairs can be daunting, troubleshooting common problems such as cracks, leaks, uneven surfaces, and equipment malfunctions can be much simpler with a little knowledge and expertise. 

As the dedicated pool aficionado you are, it’s essential to understand how to tackle common inground pool repairs competently. 

At Levco Pools, we’ve been in the business of creating dream backyards since 1986, making the most luxurious, quality inground pools, and keeping them in top-notch condition. 

We understand the pool problems you face and have compiled this comprehensive troubleshooting guide just for you. Here, we delve into common issues and give you some practical advice on how to handle them.

Cracks in Your Inground Pool

Cracks can affect both the integrity of your inground pool and its aesthetic appeal. 

Pool cracks are much more than just an eyesore; they can lead to leaks and put the entire structure at risk. Your first step in dealing with cracks is to identify what kind they are: superficial hairline cracks or more sinister structural cracks. 

Superficial cracks can generally be resolved using a pool repair product designed to adhere underwater or a high-quality pool plaster mix. 

However, structural cracks are a more serious concern, impacting your inground pool’s stability. If this is the case, we highly recommend seeking professional assistance.

Leaking Inground Pools 

A leak in your inground pool can lead to time-consuming and costly water refills, not to mention the damage it could cause on your property. If you suspect a leak, confirm this via the bucket test. Fill a bucket three-quarter way, mark the water level, and place it in the pool. Do the same for the pool’s water level. If the pool water level reduces significantly more than the bucket’s after a few days, you have a confirmed leak.

Finding the leak can be tricky. It may be along the lines of lights, returns, or pool edges. Repair usually involves patching with a repair product, but leaks may be due to more severe structural issues or plumbing malfunctions, indicating a professional is needed.

Uneven Pool Surfaces

Over time, your inground pool surface may become uneven due to wear and tear or soil movement. This not only makes swimming uncomfortable but can also lead to more significant problems like cracks. 

Uneven surfaces usually call for resurfacing or leveling of the pool, which is a significant project. Consult with professionals like Levco Pools if you identify this issue.

Pool Equipment Malfunctions 

Your inground pool’s equipment, including pumps, heaters, filters, and chlorinators, are key to maintaining a clean and healthy pool. A failure in any of these can lead to poor water conditions and costly repairs if not addressed promptly.

For instance, a malfunctioning pump might overheat, causing it to auto-shut, disrupting the circulation system. A heater problem could mean inefficient heating, making your pool too cold for comfort. Filter issues can reduce water clarity, leading to murky, unclean water. 

In most cases, troubleshooting such equipment requires professional knowledge and know-how. If you notice any irregularities in the equipment, not just simple wear and tear, it’s safest to trust the expertise of a pool service provider.

Fixing these common issues isn’t always easy. True, some repairs can be accomplished by the average DIYer, but a significant number of inground pool repairs require expert input. 

Remember to consider the risks against the benefits before deciding whether to carry out complex pool repairs independently.

Levco Pools is dedicated to making your backyard dream a reality.

We’re here to ensure your pool stays in perfect shape, tackling the complex challenges so you can enjoy your backyard oasis with zero worries. After all, pools are for leisure, not work. Let our award-winning team handle the tough stuff.

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