Revamp Your Pool: The Art of Pool Renovation

With an unfailing commitment towards rendering top-notch, award-winning services, Levco Pools has mastered the art of breathing new life into ageing pools and creating backyard dreams for homeowners since 1986. 

A dip in a refreshing, rejuvenated, and usable pool is an exciting prospect, and this blog post is all about realizing that!

Different pool renovation options are available – upgrading pool finishes, adding attractive water features, installing the latest lighting, and enhancing pool decks.

Upgrade Your Pool Finishes

One of the foremost ways you can give your pool an immediate facelift is to upgrade its finish. There are a variety of finishes to choose from, and since it forms the contact surface of your pool, this choice can significantly impact the look, texture, maintenance, and longevity of your oasis. 

Introduce Water Features

Water features enhance the aesthetics of the pool area and offer added elements of tranquility and excitement. A pool renovation incorporating waterfalls, fountains, or spouts, or even experiential features like swim-up bars or hidden grottos, add an exciting character to your pool.

Illuminate with the Latest Lighting

Upgrade to energy-efficient LED pool lights for a fantastic, glowing pool, featuring an array of colors and intensity options. These lights can be used to highlight water features, the pool depth, or simply add to the ambiance of the night swims.

Disco party at the pool, why not?

Enhance Your Pool Deck

The deck forms the transition between your home and the pool itself. A well-crafted deck extends the usable space of your backyard, offers an entertaining area, and also provides ample room to lounge under the sun. 

Materials for pool decks range from natural stone to concrete, each offering a different aesthetic and texture.

Invest in Pool Systems

Investing in upgrades that aren’t readily visible can still greatly affect the usability and the costs associated with the pool. Consider updating your water filtration system, heating arrangements, or introducing automation in pool maintenance tasks. 

Landscaping around the Pool

Remember, the pool experience doesn’t stop at the edge of the water. Complement your magnificently revived pool with the synergy of well-executed landscaping. This visual symmetry between the backdrop and the pool will augment this region of tranquility you’re developing, providing the perfect staycation spot.

Extending Your Oasis: Kitchen and Barbecue By the Pool

One of the biggest ways you can renovate your pool outside the water is by adding a dreamy kitchen and a barbecue. 

They are a great way to transform your backyard into an ultimate entertainment hub. Curate an alluring spectacle while mingling unparalleled functionality with recreational grandeur. Let’s explore how Levco Pools can aid in creating this upgrade to your poolside bliss.

Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen area right by your pool mimics the feeling of an all-inclusive resort, creating an easy transition from a refreshing swim to a hearty meal. It supports all your entertainment efforts by Tagging on it an alfresco dining area enhances the pool’s ambiance and utility manifold.

Consider your climate, the amount of space available, as well your cooking preferences to shape the perfect culinary retreat. Integrate seating areas, countertops, a food prep station, storage for dining essentials, and of course, a grill.

Constructing the Barbeque Setup

Barbeques and pools are a classic duo – providing a quintessential setting for relaxation. Incorporating a dedicated barbeque station, complete with traditional grills and smokers adjacent to the pool, almost guarantees a great turnout for your get-together events.

Design options could range from pre-fabricated stands to fully custom-made masonry masterpieces, accommodating a comprehensive culinary toolbox. Pair it up with a minibar to glue the attractive setup all together.

Materials and Finishes

To withstand local weather conditions, particularly if the pool is a chlorine-based system, it’s essential to select the right materials for the kitchen and the barbeque area. Stone, stainless steel, or even high-quality polymer are excellent choices.

Keep the design in sync with the overall poolside aesthetic leveraging complimenting finishes and colors. Also, ensure functional considerations like heat resistance and easy maintenance while laying them out.

Let Levco Pools, an experienced voice in the industry since 1986, to recreate your visions onto the blueprint for your backyard dream. Combining pool renovation with this adequate hospitality achievement opens up a gateway to endless unforgettable moments.

Your vision merged with our unparalleled craftsmanship will make your backyard dream a reality. Get in touch and let’s embark on the remodeling voyage together!

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