Common Pool Repairs and How to Fix Them 

Pools can be a fun and refreshing addition to any backyard, but just like any other delight, they come with their own set of challenges and maintenance needs. Today, we will be diving into the world of pool repairs; from leaks and pump problems to cracked tiles, and how you can fix them.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, we believe that every out-of-operation pool is an opportunity to learn and become an empowered pool owner.

Here are the most frequent problems pool owners come across. 

1. How to deal with pool leaks

Let’s start with the mother of all problems: pool leaks are tricky to detect and can cause costly damage if left unresolved.

First off, it’s important to ascertain that you genuinely have a leak, and it’s not just evaporating water. A simple bucket test should do the trick. Fill your pool and an empty bucket with water and leave them overnight. If the water level in the pool dips more than that in the bucket, then you may have a leak. 

Finding the leak can be more difficult. Look for wet spots around the pool area, continuously wet inlet and outlet pipes, or a green only around part of the pool.

For larger leaks, you may want to consider calling a dedication leak detection company. Levco Pools can help you navigate this.

 2. Tackling pump malfunctions

A pool is as good as its pump. The principal job of a pool pump is to keep your water clean and sanitized. So, a malfunctioning pump calls for immediate action.

Before troubleshooting, ensure the pump is off — caution cannot be overstressed. Common issues range from the pump not turning on at all, to making noise, or running but not effectively pumping water. A faulty motor, worn-out impeller, or clogged-line could be to blame.

Cleaning or replacing the part should solve the issue. However, if you aren’t comfortable handling electricity and water together — which is intimidating to many — it’s time to bring in the professionals. 

3. Handling cracks and damaged tiles 

Cracks in your pool’s structure and damaged tiles not only downgrade the aesthetic but also threaten the longevity of your pool.

Depending on the depth and severity of the cracks, a two-part epoxy might be a quick and powerful remedy. Also, it will seal small to moderate cracks. For tiles, special pool tile glue and the same kind of tiles should get it as good as new. 

Remember, the epoxy and glue choice vary based on whether it’s a concrete, vinyl lined — an aspect often overlooked in DIY attempts.

If these issues seem daunting to fix on your own, Levco Pools has specialists that deal with complex issues regularly and will surely have just the right solution tailored for you.

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