I would like to write to you to complement Levco Pools and especially Peter Lindia on the outstanding service, design and creative advice we have received over the years from Peter and Levco.
We completely re-landscaped our yard about 7 years ago and contacted Levco and some other pool companies for quotations and ideas on how to make our yard and pool area unique and attractive.
Peter spent hours both with us and on his own to develop a layout, a custom designed pool and surrounding area with materials such as “Cool Deck” surface etc. which made our back yard truly look like a park. We had some water issues due to the grading of our property and Peter took all of these into account. People who visit our house in the summer months continue to marvel at how unique and attractive the pool area is and how well it fits within our whole landscaping of the back yard.
The best part of working with Levco, is that we are not forgotten or taken for granted after the sale. The annual services of opening and closing the pool and the maintenance when required are all handled professionally and we feel like we are treated like a valued customer.
My wife and I would strongly recommend Peter and Levco to anyone who is looking for quality, innovation and service.

Matthew A. Sack. Bridgewater NJ

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