Doug Philipsen, Bernardsville

So we bought a new home in July 2020. We almost passed on the house because the pool was such a mess. Installed in 1979, it had not been maintained well, tiles falling off, mechanicals were down the hill and below the water line so could not keep water in it. Expansion joints in the concrete deck were huge and a safety hazard. Concrete itself was in terrible shape. But we took a risk because we liked the house and property

Called Peter at Levco and he came to sit with us. We discussed what needed to be done and our options. First time pool owner so we had a ton of questions. He said despite the fact that they were slammed, he would add us to his project list. Mind you this pool was a mess. Other companies said it would be at least a year before they would help us.

August, concrete deck is gone and re-poured. Tile complete and all new mechanicals. Spring comes along with a call they are coming to complete the plaster. We fill it and exactly 30 days later after the cure time they come to start the heater, the salt system and teach me how to maintain the pool. But they have been so great that I still have the biweekly maintenance with them. They are in and out in 15 minutes and always have time for my crazy questions.

The entire Levco team has been a pleasure to work with, patient, helpful, responsive. I deal with allot of contractors and their attentiveness, response, and customer service have been great. The only problem is I can’t get my 9 year old out of the pool. It has become the focal point of our new home.

Thanks you to the Levco team. We made the right choice!

Doug Philipsen Bernardsville. August 2021

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