Mark F., Hillsborough

I recently used Levco to replace our liner and install a salt system and timer. Although Levco replaced our liner many years ago successfully, I still did my due diligence and got a bunch of estimates to find the best company.

Peter from Levco responded immediately with a detailed estimate and fair price. His communication is superb! I asked a million questions and really took a long time deciding, but through all this time he was so patient with me. In addition,

I learned that the liner companies that they use (Merlin & GLI) have the best selection. I didn’t consider how important it was to have all of these options. They have a very successful operation and great Google Reviews which all really “checked all the boxes” that I was looking for.

I was happy that I chose to use them again and was impressed with the great job they did. The liner looks amazing and the salt system is working as it should.

All the workers arrived as scheduled and were friendly and diligent. If you are looking for a well established, very professional pool company, but with a “mom and pop” feel, I highly recommend using Levco.

Mark Filoramo, Hillsborough, NJ 08844

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