Tracy A., Hillsborough

We had a new pool installed by Levco this year. Overall we were very happy with our product and experience and would recommend Levco to anyone looking to get a pool.

Their prices were fair and they didn’t try to upcharge you for every little thing (like some of the larger company’s do). The general contractor Pete could be a bit unorthodox and was not always the best communicator but he knows pools and he knows hard work. He held his crew to a very high standard and the end product showed that.

The crew was efficient and neat, never leaving large messes behind or hazards in the yard. It was clear that Pete took a lot of pride in his work, had a lot of knowledge about the construction as well as safety and local regulations related to the pool. The owner Shawn was always pleasant and helpful so together they made a good team.

It was typically very easy to get in touch with someone in the office. As this was our first summer with a pool, we had a few questions and concerns that came up throughout the season.

Levco was always available and typically sent someone out within a day or 2 to check things out whenever we asked. Many company’s will finish your pool and then forget you but Levco continued to provide good customer service even when our project was complete. We have been enjoying every minute of our new pool and are very grateful to Levco for making it happen!

Tracy A. Hillsborough NJ Sept 26th 2022

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