I am extremely glad that I chose Levco Pools for my in-ground pool renovation. I got exactly the pool I wanted at the price I wanted to pay and the work was accomplished quickly by professional and courteous staff.

Peter Lindia really knows his stuff. Not only did he provide a great pool renovation at the right price but he also designed and implemented a solution to a drainage problem in my yard that had been troubling me for years.

The company president, Shawn Nisse is friendly and approachable and is always available by phone to quickly address and resolve any questions.

The Levco Team did all the work manually without bringing any heavy machinery on site and they cleaned up perfectly when the work was done. They always had plenty of people on site to get the work done quickly and there were no interruptions or delays.
I was extremely pleased with the result. Not only did the swimming pool look great but it also worked great. We had better water circulation than we ever had before.

I would not hesitate to recommend Levco Pools to anyone who is looking for a thoroughly competent and professional pool company that is a pleasure to work with.

Yours Sincerely Chris M
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